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Peter Kater was featured in AVANT GARDE magazine: "The Spiritually Creative Artist"

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Art PieceDid you know that you can buy a high quality print of the painting 'Light Body' to hang in you home, studio or spa?

G'clee prints of the Light Body album cover are Now Available for purchase!

Inspired by Peter Kater's magnetic attraction to the sun and water, his love for the majestic vision of creation during sunset and sunrise on his beloved island of Maui.

Artwork by Valerie McManus

Shipping on g'clee prints is $15, unframed, anywhere in the USA.

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Light Body G'clee Print (24" x 36")

Light Body G'clee Print (16" x 24")

Light Body G'clee Print (12" x 18")

A portion of all sales of Light Body prints goes to charitable organizations for Hospice and the Healing Arts.


Light Body depicts my inner vision of Peter Kater’s deep connection to Source. It celebrates the light of creation that animates us all.

Peter’s muse is the sun. Light Body, the painting, depicts him merging into the Divine Radiance on his beloved island of Maui.

As Peter explains, the tropical interplay of elements is one of his greatest motivations. During sunrise and sunset, the ocean and all of the elements connect in a magnificent display of Light. This fractal expansion is the perfect interplay of all elements: earth, water, fire, air and ether.

Peter is a great maestro of interpreting sound. His art in music is very evident in the silence between notes.

In those spaces he gains great depth. In the space between notes, Peter unites with Source - the Great Expansion - Eternity. This soul depth is what it takes to be a true artist.

In the silence, he listens. Each note is his response. This call and response becomes the dance his songs are made of.

This magical union through meditative insight is what he’s been called to do. No one else in the world can reflect that for him.

When one with nature, Peter experiences the depth of the ocean and rises high like the sky. His notes have colors like fire. Peter’s music mirrors the Infinite.

Like the sacred honey bee, Peter brings the divine nectar of inner peace and joy to humanity. The collective then resonates to the sacred geometry that lies therein.

This musical language speaks to all nations. His music is a frequency attunement expanding the consciousness and well being of mankind.

Peter’s connection to the Transcendent is what inspired my artistic interpretation. I painted Light Body to resonate in concert with his deep connection to Creation – that which connects us all.

Valerie McManus

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