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agreliascastle profilepicAgrelia’s Castle is the name that Paul and April Brown call themselves when they collaborate musically, and their inspiration to do so comes from a deeply-personal place.  April explains “Our story started in June of 2003, when Paul and I met in Memphis on Beale Street. He was playing with a band called FreeWorld. Awesome band. Not two months later, on July 29, 2003, I found out I had breast cancer. So, our story has always been entwined with my cancer journey.”

While Paul is a GRAMMY® Award-nominated Memphis/Nashville producer and keyboardist (currently touring the world with rock band The Waterboys), the album’s liner notes share how April’s multitude of musical abilities emerged during a Wind River Cancer Wellness Retreat.  “We enjoyed a small drum circle around a bonfire and at some point, Shannon (one of the co-founders) brought out her Native American Style flute. I have always loved the sound of the flute, but now I had a desire to learn to play this magical and soothing instrument.”    

Paul gave April a Native American-style flute for her birthday that year, and, eventually, the duo began to create a meditation and relaxation album for Wind River, as a way to give back. Friends, family, and fellow patients embraced their music, and encouraged them to share the music more widely.   Their first collaboration was “Spirit Dreaming,” and they have been working toward this full-length album, Elders and Ancestors, ever since. 

Combining the sounds of vintage Fender Rhodes, B3, and warm soundbeds with hauntingly beautiful vocals, Native American Style Flutes, guitars, cello, and sitar, set over the soothing sounds of nature, the music is both ethereal and earthy, calming and uplifting, inviting the listener on a heart-filling journey into a healing space for release, relief, and relaxation.

This offering to the world is Paul and April’s way to give back to all of the wonderful teachers they have met along their journey, many of whom are no longer with us, who have shown them how to live, under difficult circumstances, with beauty and grace. This music is dedicated to all of them.


Paul Brown: Hammond B-3, Fender Rhodes, Keyboards, Drums, Percussion

April Brown: Native American Style Flutes, Vocals Drums, Percussion, Background Vocals

Mike Farris: Vocals

Tom Shinness: Harp Guitar, Guitar, Cello, Bass Guitar

Richard Cushing: Sitar








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