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Native American Flute As Therapy - Micki FreeIn his intimate new album, The Native American Flute as Therapy, MICKI FREE offers a healing experience unlike any other, merging his blues-rock sensibility and musical spirituality in a wholly unique way.  Listeners are invited to relax as Free’s sultry voice and Native American flute performances lead them on a meditative sonic path through various stages of healing and release.

Wellbeing elements, chakra colors and sound healing are reflected in the song titles, including “White Candle Light”, “The Healing Bath”, “Lavender Kiss”, “The Native American Flute as Therapy”, “Positive Energy”, “Feet & Toes”, “Essential Oils”, “Jasmine Rain”, “Sacred Sage”, “Heart Release (Peregrine Lane)”, and “Down By The River.”


The 2-CD album includes a yoga-perfect  track “Heartbeat Meditation Yoga Mix” and a poignant “Lavender Kiss” tribute to his friend, Prince.  Rock ‘n’ Roll careers can take their toll on musicians, and with his intimate new album, the award-winning artist seems to say “Let’s slow down for a moment, breathe, chill and appreciate one another and ourselves.”

"Let's slow down for a moment, breathe, chill and appreciate
one another and ourselves." 
- Micki Free

Includes 2 CDs / 1 DVD.


Track List:

1.      White Candle Light
2.      The Healing Bath
3.      Lavender Kiss
4.      The Native American Flute As Therapy*
5.      Positive Energy*
6.      Feet & Toes*
7.      Essential Oils
8.      Jasmine Rain
9.      Sacred Sage*
10.    Heart Release (Peregrine Lane)
11.    Down By The River*
12.     BONUS MIX:   Heartbeat Meditation Yoga Mix
All Songs Written, Produced, Arranged and Performed by Micki Free 
(except *otherwise noted); “Down By The River” written by Neil Young. 

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Read the Story Behind The Album - by Micki Free


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