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Light Body

Ligh Body CDLight Body was born out of a collaboration of ideas that Peter Kater and I tossed around after meeting and becoming friends on a whale watching retreat he put on in Maui.  We both have been drawn to the idea of helping people in Hospice with music.  This was really an idea conceived out of noticing a gap in care for those people in pain, going through change and of course those facing the dying process. This includes their loved ones.  Knowing that the sense of hearing is the last sense to stay with us as we leave our bodies, we know that the last music we hear should be comforting , remove fear, should trigger pleasant memories and feelings of belonging. With this in mind, Light Body was born. 

 Peter used the natural 7 Chakra energy pathway as a map to create a musical journey towards love, peace and acceptance. I feel very honored to have 7 time Grammy Nominee, Peter Kater, as the first artist to be a part of Mysterium Music. I also feel very fortunate to have had the opportunity to be the vocalist on this CD.

Peter is an amazing producer as well as a composer and pianist, and is able to bring out the best in everyone he works with. He certainly did that for me.

We hope that Light Body, the CD, is something that music therapists, massage therapists, healing arts practitioners, psychologists, psychotherapists, hospice workers  and anyone looking for balance and peace in their practice or in their own lives can carry with them and access at any time.  Even the painting on the cover, by artist Valerie McManus, was commissioned and designed specifically for Light Body to encourage a feeling of peace and enlightenment. Relax and enjoy the journey towards Light Body.

Trisha Bowden: Vocals
Paul McCandless: Woodwinds
Valerie McManus: Cover Art

Mastered by Dave Glasser at Airshow Mastering

all songs composed by Peter Kater, Kater Music/BMI

Available Now at:  CDBaby  iTunes

Today, I Awaken to the Mystery ... I Surrender to the Beauty



I recently had the rare and wonderful opportunity to use new music by Peter Kater with vocals done by Trish Bowden during a Healing Touch session. This CD called "Light Body" isn't scheduled to be available until September 2012, so it occurred to me that I was the first to experience it in a healing environment. I was not disappointed! Music is a key vibrational component in all of my energy healing sessions as it sets the tone for relaxation and can provide an opening for a gradually deeper and more subtle connection between myself and the recipient. Anything too distracting can disrupt that connection. Healing is about a partnership which requires one to be grounded and focused as a facilitator for the energy to flow, while the recipient must simply be present, open and willing to receive. Trish's lovely, etheric vocals have been integrated perfectly with Peter's masterful performance on piano. Each track beautifully represents one of the seven major chakras and flows in order from the lower root chakra up to the crown. Although my hand positions were not exactly in sync with each chakra on the tracks, the CD in its entirety created the perfect ambience for our session. This first time collaboration between Peter and Trish is sure to be a new favorite for healing practitioners as well as anyone looking to calm the heart and soul.

Kay DuBois, RM/T, HTCP
Reiki Master
Healing Touch Certified Practitioner
Colorado Springs, Colorado


I have used "Light Body" for my personal and professional work. This music helps ground and connect to the inner core and heart, bringing one into balance. This album is very powerful. At night I play "Light Body" as I go to sleep. I find that it increases and promotes relaxation and sound sleep at the end of the day. What better way to sleep and wake up, in balance. When doing Healing/Relaxation work, clients respond well.The more responsive and relaxed they are, the more balanced and open they can be. When we are open to possibilities, amazing things are possible and happen. This album, is just that, amazing.

Deborah L. Cooke
Reiki Master Teacher
Karuna Reiki Master Teacher


If "Light Body" doesn't put Peter Kater on the new age healing music charts, I don't know what will. Trisha face it, a guy of my background ... beer drinking southern rock, redneck hell raiser. Well, if whoever were to listen to this CD didn't have a soul they would have found it, for sure, by the time it was finished. BEAUTIFUL trip, truly! I felt real good memories from my childhood come up when I was listening to it the first time. Now every time I listen to it, I can calm myself down to where I can relax and not think about my pain. I even feel I can sense what comes in the great hereafter. Thanks for sharing this with me.

Cal Weaver


This CD meant  so much to my family and friends during our Hospice transition, with my husband. He was diagnosed with small cell cancer and within five an a half months we were in hospice and lost our fight in six months. The tones and sounds that came through the CD were so soothing and  calming, I still listen to the CD when I am missing my husband and it makes me feel close to him. Trish was kind enough to let me play it during my husband's memorial service and it seemed to put a calming to the room. I will be forever grateful to have received one of the first copies. It seems as if the CD was made for my husband and me. Thank You for this Blessing during such a sad time.

Sherry Weaver


The first time I listened to LIGHT BODY and used it during one of my bodywork therapy sessions, both myself and my client lost ALL concept of time! The combination of Trisha's vocals and Peter's piano takes you on a powerful "chakra journey" that defies all time and space.



The Wings of Love

Love is the wings that will carry us from life to light.
Love is what makes living possible and dying bearable,
both our own death and the saddening departures of all
those whom we have cared about.
for it is Love and only Love that bridges the abyss between life
as we have known it and life as we shall discover it after death.
Whatever love we feel, give, discover or receive in this life, that love
is the pattern, the prototype and the window to the inestimable radiant
pure incomprehensible Love we shall feel in the light, after life.......

Daphne Rose Kingma


This is a wonderful treat for the ears! What a great way to connect with inner peace after a long day out in that crazy world. I highly recommend it. Very well done!!

Peggy Vreeland
Life coach, Author
Inspirational Speaker
at Melting the Mirror


Thank You so much for LIGHT BODY. I have been playing it for my clients during sessions for the past few days and it is so beautifully done. I have noticed each of my clients getting to deeper states of relaxation while it plays. So Lovely, great work!

Lauren Potts
Acupuncturist, Doula,
Reiki Master
at Netta Integrative Wellness Center


LIGHT BODY, a chakra meditation, is a sound healing experience. Kater on piano, Bowden on vocals and McCandless on winds combine talents to offer the presence of peace.

This musical journey begins at the root chakra and progresses upward through these subtle energy centers along the spine ascending to the crown. As each center of intelligence is pierced, it becomes relaxed, balanced and charged. The result is free flow of life energy - prana.

As the meditation progresses, relaxation deepens. With relaxation, stress dissolves naturally. One experiences healing, balance and joy.

The concept of Light Body was birthed through Kater and Bowden’s collective yoga experience. During yoga, the chakras balance effortlessly, uniting body, mind and spirit. Light Body heals through nada yoga, the yoga of sound. The CD cover art depicts Peter during meditation on his beloved island of Maui. In this original work, artist McManus paints in concert with Kater’s inspiration from a deep meditative connection to Source.

“Kater’s music mirrors the great soul depth of this Silence that he experiences. Filled by the Silence, each note is a response. Here he connects to Source and listens deeply. That is what it takes to be a great artist and MUSICIAN " ~Valerie McManus

Light Body is seamlessly woven together with artistry and expertise. Great attention to detail creates the total experience.

Light Body can be used alone or as a compliment to traditional medical treatment. It is suitable for general relaxation, yoga class, Reiki, massage or other body work. It is effective as background music during guided meditations and creates a relaxed ambience in one’s living or work space. Bowden’s soothing vocals render the heart chakra worthy of looping.

Overall, I highly recommend Light Body. All are invited all to kick back, relax and journey within. (5 Stars)

Margaret Glatfelter
Yoga instructor (E-RYT 500)
Yoga and Ayurveda Certified Instructor
Usui/Karuna Reiki Master Teacher
Advanced Pranic Healer
Vastu Practitioner
Black Belt Tae Kwon Do

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