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Trisha BowdenMy singing days started as a shy, lonesome kid with a good pony who actually loved to hear me sing. Later, in my teen years I found a real calling in singing the blues and eventually this lead to many nights in local bars belting out and away some of my shyness. I chased the music scene in college through Austin and DC, where I finally got to front a great local band called Southern Wind. From there New York City drew me in. The 80's were full of exciting opportunities in the New Wave days.

Many doors were opened for me at this time, playing major clubs, investors trying to market me, making music videos etc. But, I could not find my place in all this with others trying to fit me into a musical package, so to speak. I broke away and for a while started co-creating some very interesting work, but it was too "out there" for the record companies of that time. Too, Mysterious. Songs about anti-terrorism and the sadness of suicide and the underworld of human trafficking.

As a singer in New York in the early 1980's I lost many friends to AIDS at an alarming rate. At this time there was no hope on the horizon. No one knew how to cope with all the sudden fear and gut wrenching grief and the loss of so many talented artists. I felt lost and I wanted to reach out, but I didn't know how or where, to begin.

However, I think the spark of compassion had been struck, deep inside.

Frustrated with the politics of the Music industry at that time and ready for a change of pace I left the music business and went back to singing to my horses. I started a horse boarding farm in hopes of connecting with a gentler side of GOD, animals.

However, as with all life lessons mine followed me through many years of rescuing animals and people. Many more birth and death experiences and no time for music in my own life. Not a note did I sing! What a shame, for I was dying inside.

It took 20 yrs. for my voice to come out, while at an Ashram in Virginia learning to Chant the names of the Divine. This changed my whole life and my approach to living life. Instead of trying to "save" every creature, I have learned that compassion comes by supporting their journey, where ever it goes.

Finally, letting go of all the blood sweat and tears that goes along with a large farm, my husband, rescues and I all settled in a little piece of heaven on a beautiful lake. It is here that I can have a renewed respect and love for the natural world and GOD every day. AND YES, I sing to my pony everyday!

It is here my husband, Gary, and I have created an intimate recording studio, a special place to express and record our music and the music of others.

Greatly renewed in my desire to sing into the hearts of others, now, I've decided to start at the very route of my cause. Transitions. Or, endings and new beginnings or death and rebirth, simply change.

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